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The changing attitudes of general acceptance towards aesthetic treatments for men in recent years have pushed the male grooming industry onto the market. This trend has also quickly extended into the industry's non-surgical methods where dermal fillers and botox treatments becoming more and more popular each day.

At Lumina Aesthetics, taking a holistic approach to skin treatments is key. Therefore we do more than just considering treatment for a specific area. Our professional and experienced doctors would also take into account the patient's lifestyle choices.

All that said, here is the highlight of the most common aesthetic treatments for men as a little guide to those who are about to embark on their aesthetic journey. However, please bear in mind that this is just the beginning. There are many more treatments available that can better target unique concerns. The best first step to take is to reach out to a professional and have the consultation appointment. You can get non-surgical procedures to be specifically designed for you.

The Bro-tox

Wrinkles! Most men have developed wrinkles on their forehead and around the eyes as a result of years of computer use and continuous squinting. We can use The Bro-Tox (or Botox for men) to flatten out these lines and provide younger-looking and natural results.

Jawline Enhancement

One of the more masculine features of a man's face would be a defined jawline and mind you, not all men are blessed with one. That's where a dermal filler comes in (quite literally) to add definition, structure and shape to the face. For jawline enhancement, the dermal filler will be placed at specific points in the jaw to create a more chiselled and masculine jaw structure.

Chin filler

Lower face contours and strong chin definition are aesthetically important to a lot of men. This dermal filler treatment is a way of improving these areas and is particularly useful to help enhance the jawline and side profile.

Tear trough filler

Also known as that hollowness under the eyes, the tear trough may have developed over the years due to the stress of everyday life. This particular treatment is used to give volume and restore this area, which will result in a refreshed appearance.

PRP Vampire Facial/ acne treatment

PRP is the most useful treatment in combatting a range of skin complaints. The PRP (or Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure involves using the purified version of the patient’s own blood and re-introducing it into the body at the point to be treated. The PRP facial can be directly injected under the areas with the issue like acne and deep wrinkles. It can also involve micro-needling where it will create microscopic channels in the face to allow the activated platelets and growth factors to enter the skin.

PRP hair regeneration

Hair loss has been of the main aesthetics issues for men. Surgical hair transplants have been widely used and becoming more popular in recent years. However, the PRP hair regeneration offers a less invasive treatment to the issue and proves to be an effective solution for hair thinning and patchiness. It works very much like the PRP facial with the only difference in its area of application. This particular treatment uses the body's own healing abilities to stimulate hair regrowth.


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