Skinvestment! Is the action or process of investing time and money with the expectation of achieving healthy, glowing, and supple skin in the future.

The skin, being the body’s largest organ, also acts as the human’s largest barrier against infection. As such, it needs constant maintenance.

We believe that caring for your skin is an investment. Just like many things in life, our health and fitness, our careers, our children, in order to see positive results and achieve beautiful, healthy, luminous skin, you need to make an investment in it that doesn't just mean money that means time.  A luxury that not many of us have in the fast-paced world.

That is why it’s important that when you decide to make this investment it is both affordable and fits with your lifestyle.

We could all do something to take better care of our skin. Whether it’s drinking more water, using better skincare products, committing to cleansing every night even when we’re too tired or don’t feel like it...

It’s time to change our habits and make a “skinvestment” - investing in our skin so that we can look and feel beautiful all of the time, for a long time.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to your skin. If you’re not achieving the results you want at home, it’s time to make your “skinvestment” at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic.

With a dedicated treatment plan, you can achieve amazing results. Yes,, treatment plan. One facial won’t do the best maximum result. You have to put forth the effort if you want to see the results. You don’t go to the gym and do one treadmill expecting to see a loss of about 10kg tomorrow, do you?

Lumina Medical aesthetics treatments are a process because your skin needs constant maintenance in order to preserve its beautiful glow. That’s exactly why we developed our Luminist Membership soon- COMING SOON!

When you discover what regular treatments will cost, some try their luck for cheaper alternatives - and nearly all end up regretting it. We cannot stress this enough, do not go for the cheapest treatment option when it comes to your skin.

If looking youthful and healthy is important to you, we encourage you to make a “skinvestment” here at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic. If you’re feeling like this may be too much of an investment now, start setting aside a small amount each month, or you can consult with our doctor and discuss with our patient care coordinator to help you with the payment plan.

With medical aesthetics treatments, you may find that your skin looks worse for the first few weeks, but this is a good thing as it means everything is coming to the surface instead of being masked. It tells me that something is happening and that the products are doing their job. Your skin works in a six-week cycle, meaning that when new skin starts to emerge, you’ll begin to notice the benefits and see how great your skin looks. Ok, this downtime only happened when you do PRP Treatment, RF Microneedling, Laser Co2, Dermapen, and Thread Lift for tightening. The reaction you get varies, some luminist get bruise and redness (but when it’s gone- you will be addicted to adore your skin when you every time mirror yourself).

Be aware of Skinvestment at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic –  IT IS ADDICTED!

What is actually Skinvestment that Lumina Aesthetics Offer for your skin goals? – Read in detail here.

RF Microneedling

Lumina's RF micro needling is appropriate for nearly any skin type and tone. The procedure addresses the following issues:-

  • Fine lines and facial wrinkles
  • Scarring from acne and chickenpox
  • Mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Irregular skin texture and tone

Most Luminists will achieve full results with 2-3 treatment sessions, spaced around four weeks apart.

Lumina Pico laser

This treatment takes only 10 to 15 minutes and instantly gives you that shimmering glow!

This treatment has no or minimal downtime allowing you to resume your normal activities after the treatment.

The benefits of the “Lumina Pico Laser” are as follows

  • Tightens pores
  • Reduces acne and scars
  • Removes dead skin
  • Stimulates collagen growth
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

PRP Therapy

A PRP facial rejuvenation, also known as a vampire facial, is an advanced skincare treatment method that harnesses your body’s own natural power to heal itself. It is often called a vampire facial because it involves drawing your blood. the benefits of PRP such as:-

  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Enhanced Skin Tone and Texture
  • Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles

You may be a good candidate for a vampire facial if you:

  • Suffer from acne scars
  • Are afflicted by hyperpigmentation
  • Want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Want tighter, firmer skin
  • Have uneven skin tone
  • Are not ready for a facelift
  • Have dry skin
  • Feel your skin looks older than it should

Lumina Dr Pen Micro-needling

The benefits of Lumina Dr Pen Micro-needling go far beyond healing old acne scars. Additional benefits of treatment include:

  • Reduced superficial wrinkles on the face and lips
  • Improvement in overall skin tone and texture
  • Minimized appearance of skin pores
  • Increased product absorption
  • Improved skin texture on the neck
  • Textural improvements to the chest
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

Lumina Dr. Pen Micro-needling is most commonly used for facial treatments, but it can successfully be used on any area of the body.

Exilite Skin Rejuvenation

BTL EXILITE is the latest IPL technology that allows one to accurately adjust the procedure for an individual skin type and indications, thus ensuring the maximum efficiency of the procedure. It has a unique sapphire cooling spot.

IPL is a non-invasive treatment. It uses high-intensity visible light to treat various skin conditions.

We at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic treat multiple skin conditions like:

  • Active acne lesions
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Acne rosacea, redness, telangiectasias
  • Laser hair removal

Skin Booster Injection

Lumina's Skin Boosters is an alternative way to nourishing your skin and is specially designed to deliver deep skin hydration.

The treatment involves hydrating microinjections of a soft, gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the skin, which improves the skin’s firmness, elasticity, and radiance.

Here are the benefits of Lumina's Skin Booster:-

  • Improves the skin's firmness
  • Improves elasticity and radiance
  • Giving the skin a more youthful
  • Boosting Collagen

This treatment is quick, approximately about 30 minutes.

Botox Injection

Lumina Aesthetics Clinic is Bali’s freshest place to get your Botox Injection treatment on the paradise island of Bali, which uses the best product by the US-based Allergan. With our main aim to bring out the new you, our qualified and expert aesthetic doctors will be the ones administering the treatment following a thorough assessment of your issues, ensuring the best result just for you.

What areas are suitable for this treatment?

  • Eye wrinkles
    • Frown lines
    • Forehead wrinkles
    • Brow lifting
    • Face slimming
    • Chin and chin crease
    • Mouth corner droop
    • Lip lines
    • Neck lift
    • Gummy smile correction
    • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Chemical Peeling

Here are four reasons why you should get a chemical peel if you have active acne:

  • Blemish Buster
  • Preventative Skincare
  • Scarring Support
  • Improved Skin Texture


HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a noninvasive treatment lift that tightens and tones the skin. This procedure can be used to treat sagging, loose, blurred, drooped, and wrinkled areas (s) of the face and neck.

With just one session using high-intensity focused ultrasound you will see a difference in the overall appearance of your skin.


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