The chin’s shape, width, height, and overall projection are all pertinent features in defining the underlying bone, fat and muscle that are all adjustable with fillers.

The width, size and shape of the chin help determine the masculinity and femininity of one’s facial features. Masculine chins are often larger, wider and more angular than feminine chins.

At Lumina Aesthetics Clinic, we offer some of the most advanced fillers for one’s chin definition and overall augmentation.

The most popular fillers used in non-surgical chin augmentation are Juvederm. Wonder how many CC you need? It will be depending on your individual goals and our Doctor and Staff’s recommendations here at Lumina Aesthetics, we may use a combination of different fillers to help you reach the best results.

Our doctor will choose the most appropriate treatment based on your face’s overall facial features, depth, tone, and desired jawline definition.

What Can you Expect From your Chin Filler Treatment? You may expect normal discomfort and swelling (and occasionally bruising) for 34 to 48 hours following the procedure. This is normal and a result of the procedure. Warm and cold compresses may be used to help with any discomfort. You should avoid lying on your face and from strenuous activity for at least 1 full day post-treatment. You may return to normal (non-strenuous) activities immediately after treatment.

There was a time when the only way to enhance the prominence, or lack thereof, of your chin was to undergo chin augmentation surgery. While this is a minor surgery procedure, it still involved a recovery time and time away from work and activities you enjoy in your day-to-day life. A non-surgical chin augmentation allows you to enhance your chin to create a more attractive facial appearance without the need to undergo surgery.

Men and women who have a small, receding chin or a weak facial profile, or those who have any asymmetry due to genetics or trauma are likely excellent candidates for non-surgical chin enhancement. If you are interested in improving the shape, prominence, or size of your chin without the pain and downtime associated with surgery. For many patients, this is an appropriate alternative to surgery. The first step is to schedule a consultation at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic. We will evaluate your chin structure and what can be done to enhance your profile non-surgically.

How Long Will the Results of My Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Last?

You will notice an immediate difference from your non-surgical chin augmentation procedure. Results should last for from six to twelve months depending on the type of dermal fillers used. People vary in how quickly the body absorbs the filler. You can maintain the new look with another treatment after that time.

Wonder Why You Need Jawline Filler? There are few things more attractive than a chiseled jawline. It’s one of the top features found on beautiful people, and one we often try to emulate with lots of contouring and good lighting. For some it works, but others may want to consider jaw filler. Over the years, injections have evolved from simple wrinkle minimizers to powerful, non-invasive treatments to give you the features you’ve always dreamed of – including a defined jawline that takes your confidence to the next level. Whether you’re a 20-something wanting to define your face or in your 50’s looking to restore volume to this area, jaw filler is a beautiful treatment that works for all.

What is Jawline Filler? This filler treatment is ideal for improving facial harmony and may be used to either strengthen or soften features. Everybody’s bone structure is different, and some may need to soften the jowls or reduce double chin, while others may already have a prominent jawline and just want a little extra definition.

That’s why it’s crucial that you go in for a consultation before getting injected with jaw filler. While the treatment is groundbreaking and delivers beautiful results, it’s important that Lumina’s doctor studies your face and determines how to properly distribute the injections. For example, many people have a weak jawline due to the neck muscle pulling too far downward and placing filler strategically into the neck will pull up the muscle and create the illusion of a stronger jawline. For others, placing filler near the jowl area can have an incredible effect. Knowing your face will ensure that filler highlights your features and gives you facial harmony while highlighting your gorgeous new jawline.

Are Jawline Fillers Worth It? Definitely! Just because you weren’t genetically blessed with jawline, doesn’t mean you can’t get the definition you deserve. You may not end up with a jaw that can cut glass, as it’s important to be realistic and consider the limitations of bone and facial structure, but there’s no denying that jaw filler can make a beautiful difference. The change is subtle enough that most people won’t be able to tell that you’ve had work done, but you’ll still see a strong and stunning jawline looking back at you in the mirror.

This treatment is a non-invasive solution for anybody who has ever been a little insecure about the lower half of their face, or those who have lost volume in this area over the years. People of all ages and face shapes seek out jaw fillers.

What to Expect? The injection process is relatively simple. You may feel a bit of discomfort at first, but you’ll be out of the office and back into your daily routine in less than an hour. Like all injection treatments, try to avoid things like alcohol, multivitamins, blood thinners, and anticoagulants like aspirin for about a week before treatment to avoid bruising.

How Much Are Jaw Fillers? The cost of jaw fillers varies from patient to patient and how much filler is needed to achieve the desired outcome. Older patients who have experienced more bone and volume loss tend to require more filler than younger patients to visibly enhance the definition in their jawline. We recommend setting up a consultation prior to your injection appointment to discuss price and your desired results from the treatment.

Are Jawline Fillers Permanent? Jawline fillers are not permanent and generally last 6 - 12 months and does gradually breakdown. If you want to maintain the defined, contoured look you had shortly after your first treatment, you can always return to your med spa or provider for a tweak! If you’re considering jawline filler but aren’t one hundred percent sure it’s for you, not to worry, hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible. If you don’t like your results, they’re easy to reverse and you won’t be stuck with a jawline you don’t like.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect? If you consider yourself to be an impatient person and are thinking about getting jawline fillers, you’re in luck! Subtle results of jaw filler are immediately visible and in three to four days you’ll notice large results! The results of jawline filler also improve over time and take about six to eight weeks to fully settle. Of course, results vary between patients, but you will begin to see results as soon as you leave your appointment. 

While it can take a few days after treatment for the light swelling and/or bruising to go down, you’ll see a significant difference in your features almost immediately. A slimmer neck, softer lower face, or more chiseled cheekbones that will give you a major confidence boost and make you want to take a million selfies. Better get used to that strong and stunning jawline in the mirror, because results can last for up to 12 months! Book your appointment with Lumina Aesthetics Clinic today!


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