Stay Beautiful & Stay Hydrated this Ramadan

Ramadan is eagerly awaited as a time of spiritual observance and reconnection with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s also a time that can cause havoc for your skin. The heat, long fasting hours and disrupted sleep can rob your complexion of its healthy, youthful glow, leaving dullness and dehydration in its place.

Although appearance isn’t the most important concern during this time of reflection and prayer, taking care of your skin can have a serious impact on your health, mood and overall well-being. Observing Ramadan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your skincare routine — it can also be a great time to be mindful about what you’re putting onto your skin and into your body to help you look and feel better than ever.

Keeping your skin healthy during Ramadan is just as important as eating a nutritious diet.

With the right beauty routine, gorgeous skin is every bit achievable while you’re fasting. Here’s what some interesting tips to help you detox your skin during the holy month and you can do to keep your skin fresh during Ramadan and throughout the summer months ahead.

  • Stay Hydrated

We all know water has tons of health and beauty benefits, but its skin-preserving powers are even more needed during Ramadan. Dehydration causes your complexion to look tired and depleted, makes imperfections like fine lines even more noticeable, and compromises your skin's tone and texture. This is especially unwelcome news if you have naturally dry skin, to begin with.

Drinking plenty of water is good for your skin. Between iftar and sahr, drink at least eight glasses of water (about 2 liters). Avoid drinking carbonated or sugary beverages and caffeine since it is dehydrating. If you don’t like plain water, try infusing it with fruits. It strengthens your immune system, flushes out toxins, keeps you hydrated, and contains no calories. The following are some great combinations to infuse your water with:

– Lemon, cucumber, and mint

– orange, ginger, and strawberries

– blueberries, raspberries, mint, lime

– lime, orange, lemon

  • Moisturize

Hydration starts from within, but moisture comes from without. Pair your increased water intake with topical moisturizers applied at least twice per day.. Regardless of your skin type, make sure your routine includes sunscreen. Sun exposure during Ramadan can be even more stressful on already vulnerable skin.

Shun the Sun - it is critical to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunblock with an SPF of at least 40 during the day and reapply if you are outside for more than three hours. Try staying away from direct sun exposure for prolonged periods between 12-4pm.

  • Keep It Simple

Ramadan is not the time to use your most aggressive skincare products or heaviest cosmetics. To avoid stripping your skin of moisture, use a gentle cleanser and don’t over-wash. Choose products with mild ingredients that are unlikely to dehydrate or irritate your skin. When it comes to makeup, skip thick foundations and concealers that can be drying and cause breakouts. Instead, opt for products that provide lighter coverage and hydration (and don’t forget to use lip balms with SPF!).

Are you Over washing your face? -- Your skin may be dehydrated as a result of fasting during Ramadan. This can be exacerbated by over-washing your face. Use a ph-neutral cleanser.

  • Eat Skin-Boosting Foods

The recipe for beautiful skin starts with the right ingredients. If you want radiant, healthy-looking skin even while you’re fasting, eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and fatty acids. Limit your intake of sugar, processed and packaged foods, overly salty items that can be dehydrating, dairy products if you’re prone to breakouts, and oily and fried foods. You can’t go wrong with a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. These foods are packed with good stuff for glowing skin, and they’re great for your overall health. Choose foods that will make your skin glow, to maintain radiant, healthy-looking skin even when fasting, and raise your antioxidant intake during iftar and sahr. Consume antioxidants such as berries, almonds, dark chocolate and pomegranates. Have a handful of your favorite berries or try anit-oxidant supplements like resveratrol for that extra boost. Skin Supplements If you still feel that your skin lacks nutrients, supplements are an option. Supplements that are recommended for healthy skin contain vitamins C, A, as well as zinc and omega 3s. Take the recommended doses of each supplement during iftar and sahr or as prescribed by your physician.

  • Pamper your skin with treatments

Spoil your skin with professional treatment to give it the ultimate pick-me-up. A series of preparatory treatments prior to Ramadan can set the stage for healthier skin during the holy month, and a rejuvenating treatment after Ramadan can restore your skin after it’s been under stress. The heat, combined wight long hours of fasting, can take a heavy toll on your skin. So book in for a bit of pampering to rejuvenate your skin during Ramadan 2022. Exfoliating and resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels or lasers are ideal for restoring radiance, while facials, Diamond Microdermabrasion or mesotherapy can soothe irritation and give your complexion a much-needed dose of hydration.

For an instant glow, you can try Lumina Deep Purify Facial & Exilis at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic. It is the perfect combo treatment to revitalize your dull and dehydrated skin during Ramadan 2022. This facial treatment will treat multiple skin issues like acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and give you a gorgeous glow. If you want to revive your dull and lifeless complexion, try Lumina Skin Boosters. These revitalize your skin during Ramadan and keep it healthy and radiant by delivering instant hydration.

Ready Your Skin for Ramadan at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic Bali -- Stay Beautiful & Stay Hydrated this Ramadan

If you want glowing skin comes to Eid, now is the time to start upgrading your skincare routine. Making smart choices about your lifestyle and products throughout the month can not only enhance the health and appearance of your skin but can also get you into good habits that last for the rest of the year. Contact Lumina Aesthetics Clinic via WhatsApp at +6281228888837 to speak with one of our patient care coordinators. We wish you a blessed and beautiful Ramadan.


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