The Six Steps to a Younger You

Going through a painful process of getting old, are you planning some face lifting to get those wrinkles to disappear? Have you ever wondering to stay young? Follow these 6 steps to get younger you.

Our mind is what puts us into trouble the fact we are ageing, and our skin shows earlier signs even before we reach the phase of middle age. Mostly it is our brain that chooses to think we are old; maturity and wisdom do not come with age, but wrinkles do. However, wanting that flawless youth is something everyone intends but achieving it is a process very few would consider. We find ourselves stuck in our daily chores not even caring for ourselves and our skin. That may be because sometimes we do not realise our skin and our body is not the same anymore and it needs to be taken care of.

Although this is not only for middle-aged people because the effects of ageing start when you stop caring for that perfect young skin.  This process of self-care is not that hard all you need to do it consider the opportunity to learn how to care and love yourself. Ageing is not that bad but not loving yourself while you are busy taking care of everyone else and not yourself is bad. You need to step out of the lifestyle you are stuck in and focus on your happier self. With that maturity, you can achieve a beautiful younger you.

There are some steps to rejuvenate yourself and be a younger you. Although, ageing inevitable but why not postpone that reality for a few years by taking a few decisions

1. The more you focus on your health the better

You need to make your lifestyle a healthier one. Choosing this option would change your world. Your body needs a good amount of nutrition to produce collagen and healthy cells that would make your body and skin look much healthier. Stop putting a lot of unhealthy carbs inside your body. You cannot keep your skin flawless while eating an oily bag of crisps. Therefore, your body needs an extra amount of care that would be sufficient to rapidly boost your health and repair of your skin. The amount of good nutrition, vitamins, and calories with less processed food in your intake would make you look younger. So why not just take fruits and vegetables supplemented with lean protein and whole grains.

2. Manage your stress

You need to let the stress go because the moment you let stress take over your body it harms your body in several ways by damaging your health, your routine, and brain cells. Whereas for your skin it creates wrinkles, dark spots, discolouration, and heavy eyebags. Get yourself stress-relieving habit to counter the stress if you cannot reduce stress on your own then try to counter it with an activity or a perfectly carved out routine. You cannot fight stress, but you can ignore the worst of it.

3. Workout routine

Do ever feel that your body feels droopy and your posture is bad. That is because you need to work out. Our body is like a machine. The more it sits around a laptop or television screen, the more it gets lazy and bulky. This is how your skin feels much saggy and fatigued. Working out is not only for the body it is also for a youthful skin that glows.

The amount of oxygen you give to your body and the blood rushing into it would develop mechanisms that can enhance your immunity, productivity, menopause-related hot flashes, improve memory, and brain function with age, increasing your life span. So, trying an active lifestyle with a routine full of activities such as exercises and yoga or any other activity that would drain all that negative energy. That is not only for your body but also for your face you can perform various exercises to prevent wrinkles and tighten those muscles.

4. Products you use are important

Do you know when it comes to product, you cannot rely on any kind of product on drug store for your delicate skin? You need to be sure that your skin does not go through harsh treatments or an extra load of chemicals. Make sure your skincare products in good quality and fit for your type of skin., You need to get professional advice so that you can understand what type of skin you have and how well can it handle the product. Most people get allergic reactions or health issues due to the products that are made for anti-ageing.

5. Skin-care routine is a must

Do not give up on your skin just yet, you need to carve out your morning and night routine. Your face goes through a lot of impurities that clog your pores causing acne, flaky skin, and rashes.  You need to keep your skin clean as much as you can during the day. Especially, if you are working all day long you need a lot of protection from the seasonal changes that can harm your skin. You need to protect your skin from the sun or the cool snow.

6.  Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself hydrated always is necessary!  The amount of water counts a lot. Your body needs to release the toxic products out and if the sweat has a lot of toxicity it will harm your skin and body due to the lack of water. Therefore, you need to keep all sugary, caffeinated, alcoholic, and carbonated beverages aside and focus on your water intake. It will benefit your body for losing fat by giving you a feeling of being full and beautify your skin.

Lumina Aesthetics Clinic - have shaped out a very effortless six-step journey which is very easy to follow to rejuvenate yourself within a few weeks. Many people have tried these steps that boost the confidence that makes them feel and look young again. Start considering your routine with Our bespoke of anti-ageing treatments start from Botox injection, Filler injection, HIFU and maybe Laser C02 to achieve your skin goals whatever your ages are. We provide you with easy and simple ways to keep your youth intact.


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