Are deep wrinkles and fine lines starting to make you feel old? Do they distract you each time you look at yourself in the mirror? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re probably now ready for Botox.

Of all non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Botox continues to be the top choice for people seeking aesthetic or anti-aging procedures.

For years, Botox remains to be one of the go-to anti-aging treatments. Both men and women come in for Botox Treatments. That is how popular and effective it is in restoring a youthful appearance to the face.

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How does Botox work?

Before we delve into the “how often” you should get Botox, it’s best to understand how the treatment works.

Each time you raise an eyebrow, smile, or cry, the muscles underneath your face contract. These muscular contractions allow you to form different facial expressions, physically revealing your inner emotions. Sadly, these contractions also make wrinkles more visible. Over time, the wrinkles and fine lines become permanent fixtures in the face.

Botox is a neurotoxin, which acts as a local paralytic. In early use, it helped patients with strabismus, or a roving eye, calm their facial tics and normalize their vision. Now it targets the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, keeping tiny facial muscles from contracting and pulling your face into familiar grooves that make you look older. This is where Botox comes into play. A Botox injection contains substances that block the nerves from sending a message to the facial muscles to prevent them from contracting. The results are softer and more relaxed wrinkles and less visible fine lines.

The injections are done in several places around the muscles that need to be relaxed, and the entire process only takes about ten minutes. Contrary to myth, Botox injected correctly by a trained professional doesn’t make your face look flat or expressionless. You can still smile, frown, laugh and squint — your muscles just won’t allow the wrinkles to form around your natural expression.

At Lumina Aesthetics can target and relieve wrinkles on patients 18 years old and older with Botox injections. Now, how often should you return for a maintenance session?

Botox frequency

While Botox can temporarily block nerve communication, the effects are not permanent. As months go by after getting the treatment, you’ll start to notice the old facial wrinkles returning. With regular treatment, however, the wrinkles will become less pronounced.

One aspect that affects the results of your Botox treatment is how many units are used. If a smaller amount is injected into the target area, the results will wear off quickly. This explains why it’s always best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon as the doctor can recommend the appropriate dosage for the target areas.

During your initial treatment, Lumina’s doctor will start you with a low dose to see how well the treatment works on you. If the response is positive, Lumina’s doctor may increase the dosage.

How often you should get Botox depends on your age, wrinkles, and how long the treatment normally lasts for you. Not every patient is the same, but the average time frame for Botox efficacy is around four months. After that time period, you’ll start to see your original facial lines and wrinkles reappear.

If you are in your twenties and using Botox preventively, you might want to schedule a treatment every 12 weeks. Otherwise, a maintenance series of injections scheduled every 12-16 weeks is probably sufficient. Since you can go right back to your day after Botox, you can get treatments during your lunch hour or on a day off and enjoy the results for months.

In your 30’s-40’s, typically, the effects of Botox last for up to three to four months. Therefore, the recommended treatment is once every three to four months. Nonetheless, if your facial muscles begin to train themselves to contract less, the period of time for each treatment may be extended longer than three or four months. For this reason, it’s essential to work with Lumina’s doctor in order to create a customized treatment plan.

Good candidates for Botox

Botox could be right for you if you have moderate-to-severe dynamic wrinkles, which are wrinkles caused by muscular contraction, not sun damage. If you don’t like the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you can get Botox treatment:

  • Around your eyes (crows feet)
  • Across your forehead (worry lines)
  • Around your mouth (frown lines)
  • On your lips (lip lines)

You should be in good health before having a Botox treatment. Tell Lumina’s doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a neuromuscular condition, have any type of skin infection near your proposed injection sites, or are allergic to anything in the product.

Botox injections are safe for continued use, on a condition that the doctor administering the treatment is certified and experienced. If you’re considering this treatment, we encourage you to consult with our skilled professional doctor at Lumina Aesthetics.

And where’s the most popular area been treated with Botox Injection? The Answer is “Eyebrow”.

If you’re bothered by lines between and above your eyebrows you might want to look into a Botox eyebrow lift — a fast, safe, and nonsurgical way to erase one of the deepest (and often earliest) wrinkles that appear on the face.

A brow lift with Botox involves injecting Botox directly between the brows to relax the muscles underneath. This lets the upper forehead muscles “pull” the eyebrows back up and into their original place, allowing the skin to smooth out.

The injections also help the eyes appear wider, helping rid that tired or sad look that often accompanies sagging brows.

Some patients also benefit from Botox injections at the ends of the eyebrows to relax those muscles as well. This can provide additional “lift” in the forehead area.

A Botox Brow Lift is Fast, With Minimal Preparation and Recovery

After your consultation with Lumina’s doctor, you will be given instructions to prepare for your brow lift injections. You’ll be asked to not take blood thinners, including pain relievers, for a few days. That’s about it.

Afterward, you should avoid exercise for a couple of days, don’t go to a sauna, but you can go back to a desk job or anything indoor activity. There may be some residual redness or soreness around the injection area, but that will go away after a few hours.

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