Stem Cell Hair Growth Therapy

Stem Cell Hair Growth Therapy

Stem Cell Hair Growth Therapy is a groundbreaking hair transplant, which harnesses the potential of Umbilical Cord Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells to stimulate the growth of your own natural hair! Unlike traditional hair transplant methods that involve relocating hair follicles, stem cell hair therapy focuses on rejuvenating the natural hair follicles present on your scalp, resulting in long-lasting outcomes.

These remarkable stem cells possess the extraordinary ability to heal and repair tissues. Acting as fundamental building blocks, they can transform themselves into any type of cell. By introducing these stem cells into areas of thinning hair, they work their magic by regenerating hair follicles and reinstating proper hair growth.



  1. No surgery, complications, and risks
  2. Minimal recovery time
  3. No use of general anesthesia
  4. No risk of rejection
  5. No communicable disease transmission

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