It is very important to fix your broken or fractured teeth and fill the empty space after you extract your teeth, to prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position, to restore chewing ability, and to restore your smile.

Crown and Bridges: Crown and bridges can be made of metal, all-porcelain ceramic, or a combination of porcelain fused to metal. Crown and bridges are highly durable and can last 5 years to a lifetime depending on the specific oral environment and your oral hygiene habits.

A crown is a type of dental application that is used to cover or cap a damaged or badly broken tooth. The goal is not to remove a permanent tooth if possible. To save a tooth, sometimes the dentist will cap the tooth with a synthetic cap called a crown. A crown can serve many purposes, but the main ones are to strengthen the compromised tooth, protect it from any further damage or decay, and restore the tooth’s appearance. Here in Lumina, Our dentist might recommend a crown whenever the integrity of the tooth has been compromised. A tooth can become compromised in many ways. A crown can help protect a weak tooth from cracking or to cover a dental implant or root canal procedure.

Another type of treatment is called a bridge. A bridge is usually recommended when one or more teeth are missing. The gap left by missing teeth can cause a wide variety of problems including a bad bite and shifting teeth. In more extreme cases, the missing teeth can lead to gum disease and even TMJ disorders. A prosthetic tooth (a pontic) is anchored in the space between two adjacent teeth (abutments) to create a natural-looking appearance. Bridges are cemented to natural teeth or implants. There is no root or remaining tooth with a bridge. It is simply a false tooth that is anchored to other teeth.

Concerning durability, both the bridge and the crown are basically equal. Bridges and crowns both add strength to the teeth, as well as improve appearance. Our Dentist can make the best recommendation about which treatment is appropriate.

Dental Implants: When you lose a permanent tooth, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible. Dental implants are a titanium metal rod which is placed into the jawbone to replace one or more missing teeth. Of all dental restoration solutions, Dental implants have been used for decades now, and they have an impressive 98 percent success rate. Whether we’re replacing a tooth that’s visible when you smile or a molar that requires a lot of chewing force, dental implants provide the comfortable results you need.

Removable Denture: when you lost a lot of teeth, in order to obtain a good speaking and chewing function, you may need to use a removable denture. At first, wearing dentures may require some getting used to in terms of talking and eating, as the dentures become “balanced” in the space formerly occupied by the teeth. But over time, the muscles, nerves, and ligaments of the mouth learn to work in new ways, which allows these functions to occur normally. Dentures also help support the facial skeleton and the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks, which can help create a more youthful appearance.


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