Balinese traditional Masssage

The Original Mood Enhancer

Science has claimed that massages and therapies are great for the body. This is due to the fact that massage releases a hormone called serotonin in the body that allows your mind and body to relax as well as de-stress. As it is known every massage has its own benefits, Balinese massage at Lumina Spa will be the right one for you if you want to de-stress and boosts immunity in your body. Here are the benefits of Balinese Massage :

  • Alleviating strained muscles and joint pain
  • It energizes the body and relieves body tension
  • It relieves migraines
  • Improvement of blood and oxygen circulation
  • It balances the body
  • It boosts the immunity levels
  • It relieves sleep disorders

With the help of Lumina aromatic essential oils, the Balinese Massage is the perfect treatment to help you regain harmony between your body and your mind.


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