Cellulite? What Celullite?

The BTL Unison device is a new and revolutionary treatment device from BTL, one of the world’s leading producer of aesthetic and medical treatment equipment. It combines powerful Radio Frequency with Acoustic Wave technology, to carefully and selectively treat the causes of cellulite. BTL Unison is the first and only machine to successfully treat all causes of cellulite. The two technologies combined in this machine are proven and effective, and there is no downtime with this treatment. Multiple sessions are required and we advise a course of 6 sessions for best results.

What are the advantages?
– Non-invasive
– Pain-free
– No downtime
– Restore skin elasticity
– Increase metabolic waste removal

Before & After

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people compare Unison treatment with a hot stone massage, with intense vibrations! The treatment is performed while you are laying down, and relaxed.
The number of treatments depends on our in-house doctor's recommendation after a thorough assessment of the patient's condition. Typically, a course of six treatments, scheduled 7-14 days apart, may be recommended.
Patients may notice visible improvements after a single treatment session. However, a course of six treatment sessions may be required for durable and extensive results, which may take over a few months.

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