WHICH TEAM ARE YOU? #BodyGoals , #SkinGoals or Both?

In this era of immersive popular culture, one of the more common tropes that arise in online social media communities is the idea of ‘body goals,’ and ‘skin goals’ and the total package that these two goals entail.

One of the most important aspects of healthy body goals and glowing skin goals is focusing on what is intrinsically realistic while attaining your desired self-image. We all have different motivations for working out, skincare routine, whether vague or specific, but reasonable body goals and skin goals and having the right mentality to achieve them is crucial to your health and wellness.

From a young age, targeted advertising campaigns and mass media insist that the ‘conventionally attractive’ body, with a thin waist or the ‘Dorito’ waist-to-shoulder ratio, is the gold standard for health, beauty, and desirability

There is a significant link between women’s body dissatisfaction and the media’s effect on body confidence and self-esteem. Peer pressure is also prevalent in conversations about body weight and the perception of one’s body image by others. Psychology of Men & Masculinity has also identified a connection between men’s self-image and media portrayals of the ideal male figure, especially in relation to musculature.

Obesity is a disease that currently affects our population in epidemic proportions, and which has a profound effect on health and quality of life. But we need to keep our expectation measure, that one time of treatment could not make you perfect as you imagine. All Work out and slimming treatment need a commitment and keep it regularly.

The media therefore plays a significant role in the trending self-image crisis, especially among young adults under 40. As desire for the idealized body type grows, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a condition in which either real or imagined physical flaws consume and take over an individual’s life, comes into increasing conflict with reasonable body goals. Social anxiety and depression, among others, often coincide with BDD.

Understanding BDD is crucial because, for many people, body image is the reason why they start working out. When a person does not like the way they look or wants to get back to the way that they looked before, it is easy to fall into a pit of obsessive workouts and unhealthy routines to try and obtain the unattainable.

Instead, aim for a healthy lifestyle and work out in moderation. Though it is different for every individual, anybody goal can be reasonable as long as you can maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle while reaching for it. At the end of the day, make the change for yourself. You are the one living in your body, not the media, or anyone else who wants you to conform to their ideals. Do it for you just only you not by pressure from others.

Clogged pores, skin dryness, breakouts and wrinkles are some of the people’s skin problems. Have you ever been wondering what to do with your skin? In today’s world, we have information at the tips of our fingers, with many self-proclaimed experts giving advice on how to take care of our skin. This can lead to more confusion about what skincare really matters and what will best address our skin needs. Every skin goal that we set for ourselves will greatly depend on getting the basics right, to ensure our skin is functioning optimally by having an appointment with Lumina’s doctor.

Not all your favorite skincare product can help you with the situation your skin problems at the moment. Achieving healthy skin goals requires commitment and treatment just the same like we need to achieve body goals. Do you agree to that?

So what Lumina Aesthetics offer to reach your body goals and skin goals are achievable .. let’s skip to the good part 😉

  • Are you a glow getter? This Treatment Package must be suited for you! Rejuvenating your skin doesn’t get any better than Lumina's Pristine Skin Levitation package. Offering a combination of diamond microdermabrasion, RF micro-needling, PRP and LED light facial skin, your skin will sure to thank you for the much-needed reawakening and may reward you with a flawless-looking face.
  • If you are unhappy with the appearance of your Body - Exilis Treatment must be suited for you. Exilis Ultra is a non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening and body contouring treatment. It is the only device of its kind that simultaneously applies two safe forms of Energy: Radio frequency and Ultrasound. This amazing technology works to tighten the skin and improve concerns on the whole body part such as abdomen, thigh, arms, buttock.
  • If your skin has become more dehydrated and is losing its elasticity, this is perfect for you. Lumina's Skin Booster has the ability to restore skin glow, brightness and replenish its nutrients lost with age. It works extremely well in combination with other aesthetic treatments that we offer here at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic, and will leave you with healthy-looking, glowing skin, and help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Desire to have a flat tummy? | Vanquish treatment might be suited for you. BTL Vanquish uses contactless and non-invasive RF technology to treat the fat around the abdomen, hips, arms, and legs without affecting the skin and the muscles. This amazing technology has also been found to eliminate up to 59% of extra fat in the abdomen area.
  • Mesotherapy for fat dissolution is a procedure involving multiple tiny injections of medications directly into the fat layers. Problem areas that are desired to reduce fat deposits are the usual targets including abdomen, sides(love handles), thighs, back, knees, double chin, fatty deposits under eyes and more.
  • You’ve not been happy with your skin for a while now and have been looking for ways to keep it looking young, healthy and fresh. This is the perfect time to improve your skin with Lumina’s “Co2 Laser”. Here are the top 10 benefits of laser co2 :-

1. It Improves Acne Scars & Spots

2. It Removes Wrinkles

3. It Offers Uniform Colouration

4. It Repairs Skin Damage

5. It Has A Short Downtime

6. It Provides Long-Lasting Results

7. It Works on Everyone

8. The Pain is Manageable

9. It’s Targets Specific Areas

10. It Can Enhance Mental Health - When you look great, you feel great – so, by improving the overall feel of your skin, it helps to improve mental health as it boosts your levels of self-esteem and confidence.

Which Team are you - Body Goals, Skin Goals or Both? – We can’t wait to hear your goals in 2022 whether you want to achieve your goals because you want to make yourself happy or because you want to make someone amaze with you. But our important message this week is – If you are happy with yourself, the universe will accept the way you are. Last but not least, keep your healthy lifestyle, routine to your skincare and have some treatment to show it to yourself that you are worth it.

See you soon at Lumina 😊


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