What Happens If You Exercise Too Soon After BOTOX?

You probably have heard about the skin tightening and rejuvenating effects of BOTOX. It is a popular non-surgical facial injection that temporarily reduces ageing skin effects for up to 3 – 4 months. This safe and effective neurotoxin blocks facial nerve impulses to relax the muscles that cause facial ageing. Patients leave this quick aesthetic appointment, often called the "lunch hour" treatment, looking refreshed with smoother-looking skin.

What is the right age for BOTOX?

It is not uncommon for women and men between the ages of 35 – 55 to consider BOTOX or other cosmetic injectables to reduce facial lines and wrinkles. Today, even younger adults in their 20s receive BOTOX injections as a preventative measure to deter ageing skin signs. The results from a single BOTOX injection can temporarily treat or prevent wrinkles on the upper face or forehead, fine lines around the eyes (commonly known as "Crow's feet"), and those annoying lines between the brows. In most cases, one treatment could last 3 – 4 months before patients should return for touch-up sessions.

How do I get started?-- Before your BOTOX appointment, one-on-one consultation with one of our doctors at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic will determine if this skin tightening solution is right for you. We offer numerous nonsurgical treatments at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic.

And well, in this blog we give you helpful tips on how to maintain that rejuvenated look, including when it is permissible to exercise. However, many patients often wonder how long after having BOTOX can they exercise? We know just how beneficial exercise is when it comes to anti-ageing. If you’re someone who enjoys working out as a way to look and feel younger, you may be curious how integrating cosmetic treatments like BOTOX will affect that part of your routine.

Fortunately, BOTOX is a minimal-downtime treatment, meaning your workout schedule won’t have to change much. However, there are a few facts about post-BOTOX exercise that you should know before your next appointment.

DO: Wait for 72hours before strenuous exercise.

If you’re a gym regular or even the occasional weekend warrior, you might be wondering if and how exercising after Botox will affect your results. At Lumina Aesthetics Clinic, we typically advise patients to avoid strenuous exercise for 72 hours after receiving cosmetic Botox.

Vigorous exercise increases blood flow throughout your body. That’s why your face may look red and flushed when you give it your all on the treadmill. While blood flow is excellent for skin and your overall health, increased blood flow immediately after BOTOX may contribute to the product’s migration to surrounding areas. This potential migration puts you at increased risk for untoward side effects such as drooping eyebrows and eyelids.

Waiting at least 72 hours for moderate exercise gives the BOTOX time to settle into place so it doesn’t move anywhere it shouldn’t. If you perform hot yoga or engage in strenuous exercise defined as a heart rate over 130, it is recommended that you wait 72 hours after your treatment. Once those 72 hours are up, you are free to jump back into whichever workouts you please.

DON’T: Engage in activities that involve bending down or putting pressure on your head.

While you shouldn’t be hitting the gym immediately after your Botox treatment, you definitely shouldn’t be swimming laps with goggles on, performing any inversions such as headstands, Downward Dogs, or doing any activities that involve tight-fitting headwear.

Pressure on your treated area can move your BOTOX around and increase your chances of bruising. You’ll want to skip your post-workout nap, too: It’s best to avoid lying down for a few hours after your appointment.

Here are 4 things to consider before your appointment:

  1. Wiping sweat from your forehead can become a mini-massage and can actually move the Botox around from the injected area. The same thing happens if you put your head below your heart for a stretch. We always recommend to our Luminist to stay upright and not lie down for the first 4 hours following treatment.
  2. Do you bruise easily? Exercising can make your bruising worse and more painful if you hit up the gym too soon.
  3. Raising your blood pressure during an intense workout can lead to the injected area swelling.
  4. Maybe you’re a swimmer? It’s important to avoid tight goggles or face masks, too. Pressure on the area can move the botox elsewhere and make it less effective.

DO: Try some facial exercises.

Studies have shown mixed results about whether doing facial exercises makes BOTOX work faster. There is some evidence that suggests it may help your results appear up to a day sooner. A study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 68% of participants believed the facial exercises they performed sped the onset of their BOTOX results. 

You certainly don’t need to go overboard with these exercises. However, if you’re dying to get in some reps, the only thing you should be lifting is your eyebrows.

DON’T: Let it throw off the rest of your routine.

One of BOTOX’s many benefits is that it only takes a few minutes and doesn’t involve major downtime. While you may not be able to run a marathon on the day of your appointment, you certainly can return to exercising, work, school, and other daily activities.

Gently cover any redness with makeup and you’ll be on your way back from your lunch break without anyone suspecting a thing. The next day, your routine will fully return to normal.

Our medical aesthetic team values every person's cosmetic goals and will determine the right treatment plan to achieve them while educating each patient on what to do afterwards to extend the life of their BOTOX treatments.

Lumina Aesthetics Clinic provides comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology. Entrust your skincare and beauty needs to a team of experts. Call Lumina Aesthetics Clinic today and book your BOTOX consultation, and start enjoying the restorative power of this cosmetic injectable. If you are looking for additional skincare needs, try our Lumina Deep Purify Facial treatments.


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